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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: How Would You Classify Stands?

Stand is an entity psychically generated by its owner, referred to as a Stand User. There are about 165 Stands in this series and they are divided into 3 groups:

1. In terms of abilities

2. In terms of appearances

3. Other special classifications


1. In terms of abilities

a. Close fighting Stands

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These Stands, which are known for their strong and fast attack ability, rank at C to A level. They are able to carry out movements that require high precision, so their owner has to be in direct command. The characteristic of these Stands must be in a small space to the Stand Users. The owners of the Close fighting Stands often prefer to go head-to-head with their opponents, allowing their Stand\’s overwhelming power to maximize. However, they have difficulty with opponents who are out of range or in hiding.

ExamplesStar Platinum, Silver Chariot, Crazy Diamond,

b. Long-range Stands

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These Stands are determined with an attack range greater than average. Some long-range Stands can be several kilometers away from their owner, so they usually rank A or B level. Furthermore, the users can command their movements with great precision. On the other hand, there is a link between the owner and their Stand, so if the Stand is injured, it also damages its owner. Most of these Stands are not suitable for physical duel combat with others\’.

Examples: Lovers, Echoes, Aerosmith,…

c. Automatic Stands

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An automatic Stand is the Stand that does not obey the commands of its owner, but operates automatically through preset instructions. Most Automatic Stands are separated from their owner, so damaging the Stands will not hurt their owner and sometimes the owner is not aware of their Stand\’s status. These Stands have two different types: the long-range automatic standsthe automatic stands run even after their owner died.

Examples: Killer Queen, Marilyn Manson, Yo-Yo Ma,…

2. In terms of appearances

a. Natural Humanoid Stands

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These Stands have a humanoid shape with physical characteristics that allow them to express emotionsNatural Humanoid Stands often perform tasks that require dexterity such as holding something and, if strong enough, they can wrestle with their hands and feet.

Examples: Star Platinum, Magician\’s Red, Crazy Diamond, Heaven\’s Door,…

b. Artificial Humanoid Stands

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Despite having a humanoid body, these Stands own an artificial or mechanical appearance that differentiates them from natural humanoid Stands. They look like dolls, robots or androids. Their eyes are usually robot\’s eyes so they don’t express emotions and neither do their mouths. Their functions are similar to the Natural Humanoid Stands\’.

Examples: Silver Chariot, Stone Free, Kiss, Whitesnake, The World, Ebony Devil,…

c. Natural Non-Humanoid Stands

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This type of Stands does not appear to be human but resemble organisms that live in nature including basic organisms such as animals and plants. Some Stands can fight with their fangs or claws. Natural Non-Humanoid Stands have plenty of appearances and do not share any general functions.

Examples: Hermit Purple, Tower of Gray, Yellow Temperance, Justice,…

d. Artificial Non-Humanoid Stands

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They are like tools, objects, mechanics, vehicles … Some of these Stands are the types of joining non-humanoid shapes and require the user to hold them when being used. These Stands are not suitable for direct confrontation and are quite bad at protecting the user.

Examples: Strength, Emperor, Burning Down the House, Highway to Hell,…

e. Phenomenon

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These Stands may not have appearances or look like supernatural phenomenons.

Example: Tohth, Khnum, Tenore Sax, Love Deluxe, Achtung Baby,…

3. Other special classifications

a. United Stands

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They are Stands that are associated with a tangible form such as a vehicle or a doll, so ordinary people can see them. As a general rule, the larger the object associated with the Stand, the stronger the Stand is. All of these Stands are easily confused with normal objects thus allowing their owner to ambush an enemy.

ExamplesStrength, Wheel of Fortune, Super Fly,…

b. Military Stands

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These Stands are armies, each of which can function entirely on its own but their strength is divided. The bigger the number of units in the army is, the less injury is transferred to the Stand users when a unit is damaged. The military Stands can be used to overwhelm enemies from many different directions.

Examples: Survivor, Bad Company, Harvest…

c. Evolutionary Stands

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Some Stands are chosen to undergo natural transformation and evolution to become stronger.

Examples: Killer Queen, Made in Heaven, C-Moon,…

d. Perceivable Stands

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Although most of the Stands do not show any personality, there are some Stands with a sense of separation from their owners. They can thinkanalyze the surroundings, converse with their owners, and give them a piece of advice or comments on their actions.

ExamplesAerosmith, Spice Girl, Yo-Yo Ma,…

e. Shared Stands

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These Stands are rare cases in which they may have more than one owner or be able to change their owner.

ExamplesAerosmith, Cheap Trick, and Tomb of the Boom,…

In JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series, each Stand user owns a special Stand. Knowing how to classify the variety of those Stands will make you more crazier about the whole series.

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