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Supernatural Power Anime Series You Should Watch Them

Looking to get relaxation in supernatural anime series? Look no further than this post of the top five supernatural power anime series you should watch! From thrilling battles between good and evil to heart-wrenching romance, these anime are sure to keep you entertained.

1. My Hero Academia Anime

Izuku Midoriya, a middle school kid, wants to be a hero but lacks the necessary abilities. His life appeared to be finished if he didn’t have the chance to enroll in the hero training academy. But he has a chance to alter his fate thanks to his encounter with All Might, the greatest hero. And his quest gets off to an unexpected start.

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2. Detroit Metal City Anime

Quiet and aspiring to work in pop, Soichi Negishi is a young musician. He ended himself playing guitar and singing lead for the black metal band “Detroit Metal City” because a dream was unable to cover his living needs.

According to legend, Johannes Krauser II was a terrorist demon from hell who murdered and sexually assaulted his parents while courting them with his gigantic dead penis. Another concerning issue is the discussion about him following each performance.

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In parodies of this genre, DMC songs frequently incite individuals to do immoral and unlawful activities like rape or murder or discuss exploiting Krauser with similar behaviors.

3. A Certain Magical Index Anime

Only adults over the age of 13 should watch the anime. In a city where the majority of pupils possess superpowers, magic also exists. The right hand of Toma Kamijyo has the power to negate magic, superpowers, even divine miracles, and his own good fortune.

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The narrative starts when he unintentionally runs into a female on his balcony. She is a priestess in the Church of England and is in possession of 103,000 magic books that the church long ago forbade from being distributed.

4. MOB PSYCHO 100 Anime

The story of Mob Psycho 100 (also known as Mob), a young man with superpowers, and his quest to vanquish evil spirits and dark forces, is based on the life of Kageyama Shigeo. That’s all there is to it, but in reality, this is a tale about the psychological and cognitive instability that nearly all of us experience as we mature.

In addition, obscure aspects of contemporary life are portrayed, including keyboard heroes, superstition, and school violence. At the same time, fundamental principles like love for family and friends, a passion for life, etc., are cherished.

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It’s intriguing because Mob’s aptitude is based on his emotions and is measured on a scale of 100, allowing us to infer his feelings from his numerical responses. But the range of emotions is infinite. Therefore, no number can be calculated anymore, and Mob’s power is also unfathomable every time the boy’s emotions surge.

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5. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. Anime

Kusuo Saiki is a typical high school student, an ordinary adolescent, and the only thing that makes him different is that he has superpowers. He has the power to read everyone’s thoughts and can utilize this ability whenever he wishes. All! This eliminates any surprises, secrets, and…normality from his life. From an early age, he kept this a secret, but since starting high school, his life has changed significantly.

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Saiki Kusuo is a psychic by nature. Kusuo, on the other hand, views having supernatural abilities as the worst misery in the world and makes an effort to lead a normal life despite them.

We sincerely hope that these intriguing suggestions will satisfy you. We will progressively delve into the vast and exhilarating world of anime in the sections that follow. Keep in mind to launch our website for quicker updates!