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Death Note: L’s Character Details You May Not Have Known

Death Note is a manga series written and illustrated by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. The story follows Light Yagami, a young man who discovers a supernatural notebook known as the Death Note, which allows him to kill people by writing their names in it.

Although the manga has been adapted into several anime series and films, one of the most well-known aspects of the Death Note franchise is L, Light’s nemesis. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing some of the lesser-known details about L’s character that you may not have known if you only read the manga or watched the anime.

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1. Actual Name of L
Users of the Death Note need to be aware of their target’s name and write it down while picturing their faces. Knowing their face is crucial in case their target’s name is shared by someone else. Light is attempting to learn L’s real name throughout the first half of Death Note, while L is attempting to establish that Light is Kira.

Even when L eventually passes away in the series, his identity is kept a secret. That is until the 13th book was published, and a unique golden bookmark bearing a portrait of L and the words “L Lawliet” was included.

2. Underworld Connections of L
The government serves connections with the task force during the narrative. Because of this, they are able to use “less conventional techniques” to solve the Kira case, one of which entails adding thieves Wedy and con artist Aiber to their team.

As L introduces them to the task force in chapter 40 of the manga, he adds, “If necessary, I also know of additional criminals who could assist us. While we were in contact with the cops, I couldn’t really apply this strategy, but given the current situation…” Here, L demonstrates that he has other tricks up his sleeve and a ready supply of contacts in the criminal underworld.

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3. Relationship Between L and Aiber
Aiber character joined L and the task force, as was already mentioned. But why would the world’s top investigator be collaborating with two career criminals? Wedy is a mystery, but the manga’s chapter 43 makes it clear that Aiber genuinely owes L money. He calls L to inform him of his progress in breaking into the Yotsuba Corporation in this chapter.

Nonetheless, L expresses concern for him, and Aiber reacts by making a remark, “I comprehend. But L, you’ve come through for me before. In any case, I’m staring at a life in prison, given the evidence you have against me. This is far more enjoyable than that.” It appears that even this skilled criminal was unable to escape the attention of the best detective, and in exchange for his release, L is able to enlist his assistance.

4. There Are No Friends for L.
L has referred to Light and Misa as “his friends” at various points throughout the series, despite the fact that he didn’t get along with either of them immediately initially. He never really meant it, though, and had extremely bad thoughts about the two of them.

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Despite the fact that he loves and collaborates with individuals like Watari, Wedy, and Aiber, L really has no pals at all. Even while it makes it natural that L would be lying to Light and Misa, given that none of them cared about him in the first place, it’s awful that he didn’t even remotely consider them to be friends.

Hopefully, some side information about the character L in the Death Note manga will stimulate your curiosity. Besides, don’t forget to shop comfortably at JJBA shop to own the latest goods.

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