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Maturity Ranking Of Every Member Of Bucciarati’s Team

Bruno Bucciarati had a full team of Stand users in Golden Wind, but some of these people are better-behaved than others.

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure¬†typically features a Joestar hero and their small squad of allies and friends, such as¬†Josuke and Okuyasu Nijimura. In¬†the fifth story arc,¬†Golden Wind, protagonist Giorno Giovanna was invited to join¬†Bruno Bucciarati’s squad of Stand users in sunny Italy.

This is no ordinary squad, however. Its members are Stand users, and their Stands are remarkably diverse. Most members of this team were down on their luck until Bruno found and recruited them, and these fighters had many adventures together as they fought the mysterious boss’s many minions. But some of them act more maturely or politely than others, and some of them are downright bratty. How do they rank?

7. Narancia Ghirga Is A Total Punk

Narancia uses Lil Bomber to locate enemies

Narancia Ghirga has¬†a long-ranged Stand¬†called Aerosmith, and he is also handy with a knife and has some street smarts. All this makes him a helpful member of Bruno’s Stand user squad, but his personality could use some work. From the very start, Narancia was established as a total brat and delinquent, even by¬†JoJo¬†standards.

Narancia is terrible at math, and he doesn’t seem to like studying very much. He also has a fierce temper and is quick to lash out at people or items that annoy him, such as that time he repeatedly kicked a rental car’s door. He also has a bad attitude in battle, but at least he’s not foolish. Like most Stand users, Narancia can really think on his feet.

6. Guido Mista Is Kind But Goofs Off

Guido Mista is an anime gunslinger¬†who has the benefit of his Sex Pistols Stand to guide his bullets, giving him a serious advantage in combat. He’s also a fairly friendly and cooperative member of Bruno’s team, and he readily accepted Giorno as a member. But he’s also rather wacky.

Mista has an irrational fear of the number four, and he will go to ridiculous lengths to avoid it. He also tends to act rather dramatically in battle and panic easily, and he flailed all around as Giorno healed his wounds after they defeated Ghiaccio of La Squadra Esecuzioni. He also acted rather odd when he found himself in Trish’s body, and squabbled with her.

5. Pannacotta Fugo Has An Explosive Temper

The Stand user named Fugo has his mature side, such as when he studied hard at college as a boy genius, but his short temper is not so flattering. Only bratty children react so violently when provoked, and Fugo made a poor first impression when he erupted at Narancia for getting a math problem wrong while studying.

Fugo’s temper is his biggest weakness, but otherwise, his behavior is acceptable, and he also has¬†a powerful melee Stand¬†named Purple Haze. Purple Haze is a manifestation of his rage that he doesn’t use carelessly, and Fugo is smart enough to be careful with its deadly powers.

4. Trish Una Quickly Grew Up

JoJo Golden Wind Trish Una Worried

A newcomer to Bruno’s squad was Trish Una, the daughter of¬†the mysterious boss Diavolo. She was rather bratty at first, acting just like the spoiled adolescent she was as she heaped a serious shopping list onto her companions. She needed to be pampered at all times.

Trish was self-absorbed and moody at first, but the harsh reality of the crime life soon caught up to her, and she began to change her behavior for the better. Trish became a brave and noble fighter who would always stand up to evil, eventually learning to use her Stand Spice Girl, and by the end of Golden Wind, she was an independent and caring young woman worthy of respect.

3. Leone Abbacchio Didn’t Really Like Giorno

JoJo Golden Wind Abbacchio Drinks Wine

Leone Abbacchio acts fairly maturely for the most part, though he is also rather grouchy and doesn’t make friends easily. Rather than being a brat, he is prickly and standoffish, and that made it nearly impossible for Giorno Giovanna to impress him. Bit by bit, though, Abbacchio recognized Giorno’s worth.

Leone doesn’t often act out, and he is not terribly impulsive or reckless, either. He tries to keep a cool head in battle and act as a leader, though he did help his friends beat up an innocent man at a caf√© once.

2. Giorno Giovanna Has A Cool Head

The Joestar lead himself, Giorno Giovanna, made a good first impression on Bruno, and he was soon invited to join the team and help Bruno take down the boss of the Passione gang. Giorno is a fellow with a dream, and he also has a good heart and formidable combat skills.¬†He’s a classic shonen protagonist.

Giorno is a brave and bold fighter, but he is not excessively reckless; rather, he is proactive, and he always keeps a cool head during combat. He is also polite and cooperative, even when the other party is mistreating him, and that shows some serious maturity. Giorno also has enough restraint to fight off Koichi Hirose and escape without doing Koichi any real harm. Narancia would have beat him up.

1. Bruno Bucciarati Is The Ideal Leader

JoJo¬†fans like to joke that Bruno Bucciarati is the series’ best mom, due to his protective nature and leadership abilities, not to mention his hair. Jokes aside, Bruno is a noble and mature person who has natural talents for leadership, so it’s only fitting that he commands an entire squad of Stand users.

Bruno is tough and decisive, but he is not reckless or petty, nor does he take things too personally. He keeps a cool head and knows how to coordinate a team, and he is wise enough to let his followers decide whether to stay with him or not and face certain danger. He won’t force anyone to follow him down this hazardous path.

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