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JoJo Characters Who Would Make Great Among Us Imposters

With or without the power of a Stand, some JoJo characters would be great at playing the Imposter role in Among Us.

JoJo among us imposters Tiziano kira

The¬†JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure¬†universe has many subtle and cunning individuals whose prowess and potential for manipulation¬†have been demonstrated in their respective acts.¬†Although usually villains, even the heroes have sometimes displayed the aptitude for treachery.

Whether through the usage of Stands or natural cunning, they would make for great imposters in Among Us. By identifying which characters would have the most success in avoiding the suspicion of crewmates, we can better appreciate their capacity for misdirection and understand how they might manage to kill every passenger on board the airship.

Tiziano Would Make Crewmates Incriminate Themselves

Tiziano’s “Talking Head” Stand¬†may not have had utility in battle, but it’s arguably the most powerful weapon in an imposter’s arsenal. When latched to an adversary’s tongue, he could force them to say the opposite of what they meant.

Therefore, if a crewmate saw him murdering someone, he would avidly profess his own guilt before an audience of confused comrades. This would¬†ensure the villain’s success so long as two people didn’t catch him in the act simultaneously.

Enya Was Intelligent Enough To Deceive The Crusaders For A Time

Enya the Hag’s Empress Stand may not be particularly conducive to her success, though her innate skills as a manipulator compensate for whatever struggles she faces. The villainess was intelligent enough to lure the Crusaders into a false sense of security, only to launch an attack on Polnareff shortly after.

Moreover, she understood how to divide groups and weave convincing alibis for her actions. The heroes never would have uncovered her intentions if not for a slight blunder she made on the hotel ledger – and of course,¬†Hol Horse’s desperate cries for help.

D’arby The Gambler Was A Skilled Conman

darby the gambler

D’arby the Gambler was a brilliant conman who was proficient in making his opponents second guess themselves. This was how he ran a successful bar and collected a small binder of captive souls.

While his “Osiris” may not be capable of assisting him, his stolid demeanor and keen mind would be conducive to his success as an imposter. Considering that neither Polnareff nor¬†Joseph Joestar (a seasoned veteran) were able to catch onto his manipulations until they were already defeated, it follows that the crewmates wouldn’t either.¬†As long as the gambler doesn’t become overconfident, his success is assured.

Risotto’s Invisibility Would Provide A Massive Boon

Risotto would be able to make full use of his Stand by turning invisible and lying in wait for an unsuspecting crewmate. Should he time his kill correctly, he could frame one party member against another, creating a divide in their ranks that would serve to his advantage.

As the experienced and tactical leader of La Squadra, he has the intelligence to execute such a maneuver with efficiency. The mobster would only need to ensure that his absence on the map doesn’t become suspicious or incriminating before taking the crewmates out.

Bucciarati Would Be Able To Create A Vent Out Of Anything

Bruno Bucciarati uses his stand Zipper Man against Giorno

Bucciarati’s “Zipper Man” would allow him to create a vent out of anything,¬†making for clean escapes to otherwise impossible situations. Such getaways would be so improbable that crewmates might erroneously accuse each other, as no likely culprits were nearby.

If necessary, Bruno could even use his Stand’s ability to tunnel directly beneath and across the map, similar to how he did during his battle against Secco. This would afford him impossibly high mobility, with the game’s duration only limited by his current kill cooldown.

DIO Was A Decent Manipulator With A Powerful Stand

dio posing jojo

Having spent most of his childhood deceiving George Joestar and ruining Jonathan’s life, DIO proved to be a skilled manipulator who got away with almost all of his atrocities. His ability to lie would render him a natural choice as an imposter.

The villain’s Stand allows him to freeze time for five¬†to nine seconds (depending on whether or not he has Joestar blood. And if he should harness the World’s power, he would be able to make clean kills and getaways without¬†trouble.

Carne Could Haunt Enemies From Beyond The Grave

Carne has displayed an abysmal lack of subtlety; he attempted to charge Bucciarati’s team head-on and was killed almost instantly. It follows that he’d be caught and exposed by crewmates with similar convenience.

However, his Stand was capable of enacting his will from beyond the grave, pursuing its targets based on their motion. Considering that typical Among Us matches have two imposters, this would allow him to kill with impunity, with his partner drawing out the game until the entire lobby has been exterminated.

Oingo Was Intelligent Enough To Fool The Crusaders

Oingo from Jojo

Oingo’s Stand allowed him to change his face into anyone he chose due to his Stand’s ability. Moreover, he was decent at convincing others of his identity, as proven during his prolonged encounter with Joseph Joestar and Polnareff in their car.

This suggests a simple strategy: Oingo would assume the likeness of a crewmate, kill someone blatantly, and have the body reported. Once it was, the man he imitated would be ejected – with¬†no clue¬†about the true killer’s identity or abilities.

Yoshikage Kira’s Deadly Queen Would Make Him Virtually Unstoppable

Yoshikage Kira was not a skilled liar, having been exposed by Josuke during their first encounter and quickly uncovered by Hayato after assuming his new life. However, his Deadly Queen Stand would compensate well for his unfortunate lack of skill in manipulation.

If he used it to set bomb triggers on crewmate corpses or the emergency meeting button, he could effectively kill anyone who attempted to incriminate him. As a result, he’d be able to win a quiet and successful game, gradually reducing his targets’ numbers until it was too late to stop him.

Tennille Was Literally An Imposter

Captain Tenille

Tennille’s literal title was the “Imposter Captain,” and with good reason. He managed to successfully imitate the Speedwagon agent who was supposed to¬†carry the heroes across the ocean, with his passengers only becoming privy to his actions well after they’d began their voyage.

This illustrates Tennille’s formidable aptitude for masquerading and would make it extremely difficult for typical crewmates to gauge his identity. While the villain’s Stand may not be of use to his mission, his skills as a fraud and charlatan would ensure his victory on whatever vessel he confronted the unfortunate crewmates on.

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